Friday, October 22, 2004
Un immigré illégal algérien recrute des djihadistes en France
Un algérien, immigré illégal en France depuis 10 ans, recrute sur le territoire français des combattants pour l'Irak, il a fourni des faux passeports aux combattants passant par l'Algérie et la Syrie.Il déclare également: "un jour nous prendrons Jérusalem et il ne restera plus un seul juif sur terre".

Muslim Recruiter's War Of Hate
PARIS, Oct. 21, 2004
(CBS) For more than a decade, an Algerian man we'll call Mustafa has been living in France outside the law: an illegal immigrant and a disciple of hate.
Months before the war started, Mustafa says he moved to Iraq with other foreigners, getting ready for the invasion. He handled logistics, supplying false passports and arranging travel for newcomers arriving through Algeria and Syria.
As CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports, war in Iraq has given him a new calling. As a follower of the Islamic movement called the Tabligh, he's been urging young Muslim men to leave France and fight.
"One day we will take Jerusalem and there won't be a single Jew left on Earth," he says through a translator.
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